Our Team

Scott Greenberg | ECD Company

Scott D. Greenberg is the President and Co-Owner of ECD Company. As President of the ECD Company and Creator of theWit hotel, Scott Greenberg has been a leading force and pioneer in creating retail, office and hotel properties that have been recognized nationally for shaping trends in commercial real estate development.
Renee Solomon | ECD Company

Renee Solomon joined ECD Company in 1996 to direct the financing and structuring of ECD Company's development activities. She is also involved extensively in ECD's acquisitions.
David Lilierose | ECD Company

David Lilierose is a Certified Public Accountant, Executive Vice President, and Controller of ECD Company since 1983.

Cindy Herzog | ECD Company

Cindy Herzog joined ECD Company in January, 2008, and is responsible for leasing, tenant relations, and development of our various retail and office spaces.
Alison Zirn | ECD Company

Alison Zirn is General Counsel of ECD Company. As General Counsel, she oversees the legal aspects of its commercial real estate activities including acquisitions and dispositions, financings and joint venture formation; and management and operations, as well as other aspects of ECD Company’s business.