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    Our approach to the multi-use development process has been a bit different from most. In the earliest stages, we try to see our developments from a customer's vantage point - and we are able to imagine and provide people what they want: a place to interact and be.
  • theWit Hotel | ECD Company
    Our design objective has always set the highest standards of sophistication, functionality, and creativity, and we will continue to do so. With every project we continue to raise the industry bar, challenging our team to redefine the possibilities of tomorrow.

Financial Resources

Over the past twenty years, the principals of ECD Company - Gerald Greenberg and Scott Greenberg have earned exceptional returns for their investors and have also substantially increased the size of the company's unrestricted internal investment capital available to make and secure new real estate development.

The principals of ECD Company have earned an outstanding reputation with commercial banks, insurance companies, securitized lenders, high net worth investors, money mangers, and other real estate specific investment pools of capital.

Investment relationships, large and small, have been built on the principles of integrity, transparency of information, and reliable investment results.

ECD Company has managed its capital relationships based on the principle of protecting the investors' capital before their own.

  1. Ability to Attract Favorable Capital

    By building these investment relationships on both integrity and success, ECD Company has been rewarded by being able to quickly attract funds from multiple capital sources at interest rate spreads that are much narrower than most commercial real estate developers.

  2. Internal Capital

    ECD Company has internal capital sources that are sufficient for most land acquisition and commencement of construction, before raising even a single dollar of outside investment capital.

    Internal capital allows ECD to move quickly to purchase land, secure the required municipal entitlements, and commence construction without having to access outside funding sources.

    Only after ECD is underway with construction, does outside investor capital come in to repay and replenish the internal advances of capital.

    By self-funding the land acquisition, pre-development work, and initial construction, ECD removes much of the predevelopment risk – yet another reason why outside investment capital is attracted to ECD’s investment offerings at relatively low cost and narrow interest rate spreads.

  3. Long Term Stability of Capital Structure

    Accessibility of low cost and low risk capital available to ECD Company increases the long-term financial stability of cash flow, and provides the properties with a substantial operational cushion, should periods of economic hardship occur.